Program Dokter Kecil (Little Doctor Program)


Program Dokter Kecil
(Little Doctor Program)


Program Dokter Kecil or Little Doctor Program, not a new health promotion program in Indonesia. This program already here more than ten years as a coordination program between Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.

Principally this program is look like a School based “Child to Child” program, another program that are similar but not same is Usaha Kesehatan Sekolah ( School Health Effort) that are not run well in most schools.

Implementation in

MOE take as Main initiator with a :
1. District Level MOU between MOHealth, MOEducation , MOReligion, MOInterior, Elementary Schools in the Area
2. Training of Teachers to bee responsible the program .3 (three) teachers in each school.
3. Recruit 20 pupils /student in each School to be Little Doctor Candidate, and dressed look like doctor.
4. Two full days training for 5 topic, and next training for another 5 topic done by trained teacher under supervision of involved Department.

Sumber : Oxfam

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